Frequently Asked Questions?

A. How do we operate?
B. We would like to use our own printer?
C. A few points to consider for a Design Brief.

A. How do we operate?

At an initial briefing, we will listen to your immediate requirements, to make sure we identify and comprehend your marketing and promotional needs and fully understand your products or services, industry and market. We will then discuss how best to cater for those needs, with regards to the design and production of the marketing and promotional material required.

We will then submit some visual conceptual designs along with estimated costs for completion. This is to ensure that you are happy with our perception, prior to the production of finished artwork. Once satisfied, with both our concepts and costs, we will then be formally engaged by you, and then proceed as a team to develop the concept through to the design and completion of final approved artwork and print. You will find us to be very competitively priced when compared to other graphic design companies or agencies!

B. We would like to use our own printer?

No problem!.. If you have established a good working relationship with a printer that you regularly use, we would have no problem submitting to them the final approved artwork on disk/CD, along with all the necessary colour proofs and proofs of respective CMYK film separations.

C. A few points to consider for a Design Brief:

The following may help in defining the marketing and promotional material you require ie. advertisement campaign, new leaflets, product catalogue etc.

1. What exactly is required or being promoted?

a) New or revamped branding of corporate identity
b) Specific products ( new range perhaps )?
c) and / or services?

With regards to corporate identity, are there specific:

a) Logos
b) Specific fonts
c) Pantone colours that need to be included?

2. What else needs to be included?

a) Head, regional or branch office addresses?
b) Industry standards or awards?
c) Are there existing corporate branding guidelines that need to be retained? Possibly in order to retain some identity with other worldwide offices.
d) Specific recognition of company history, personnel, building or location?

3. Is there any new market research or product development that is relevant to this brief as opposed to the last?

4. Target market profile!

What's the profile of the target market, other businesses or consumers?
If consumers, what are they like as individuals: age, gender, education,
lifestyle etc? Do they have other distinguishing characteristics?
What do they value - quality, service or price?

5. What precisely do you want to say to the target market?

Is it to promote a new range of products or services, or brand awareness?
If so what features and benefits are there over your competitors (it might be just price )!
What are your unique selling points ( USPs ) over your competitors?

6. Do you want your target market to respond?

Should there be instructions to phone, fax or email back?
Is a pre-paid reply card or tear off strip required?

These should definitely be considered for a direct mailer or advertisement campaign.

7. What kind of style or impression would you like to portray, such as:

Professional, serious, fun, friendly, approachable, innovative, quality, expensive, good value, cheap, local, international to name a few?

8. Is there a budget?

If so what?.. as this might influence the following:

9. Content!.. How much is readily available?

Copy ( or text ), is it to be written in-house or does it need to be copywritten.

Photographic and illustrative material to effectively demonstrate product or services.

Do you require:

a) Commercial photography or are you able to supply photographic material - the software we use can enhance most photographs if necessary.
b) Access to our picture library.
c) Us to supply any illustrations or graphics.

10. Is there a timescale?

For instance date of planned product launch or specific exhibition!

11. What final print quantities are required?

It is more cost effective, to realistically order slightly too many than too few, only to find that you soon require a reprint which will always incur a setting-up cost by the printers.